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Enroll in one of our various NRA certified gun courses and always be prepared when the unexpected occurs.

Firearms Safety Courses

NRA Basic Level Courses

NRA Instructor and CRSO Logos_edited.jpg
NRA Instructor and CRSO Logos_edited.jpg

These courses are designed for persons who want to learn more about their firearm and improve their shooting skills.  These are basic level courses with no pre-requirements regarding experience or knowledge.


If you have experience with firearms, these courses will refine your preexisting skills and add to your knowledge base.

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Personal Protection Courses

Personal Protection has 2 components:  having a defensive mindset and having skill with your firearm.   These courses are designed to develop both the mindset and firearm skills so that the student is confidant and capable of personal protection. 

Other Courses Available

These courses are offered for students with more specific needs.

NRA Basic Level Courses
Personal Protection Courses
Other Training Courses
Instructor Training Courses
Refuse To Be A Victim

ABout Us

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Eagle Accuracy is owned and operated by Bill and Rachel Jones. Bill is a 30 year Army veteran and has proudly earned the Expert Infantry Badge and Combat Infantry Badge.  


Bill values shooting skills and a proper respect for your firearm.  After retirement, he trained to become an NRA instructor so he could  help others with the skills he learned both through the Army and through NRA.  

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He is a certified Glock Armorer and has experience with other types of firearms.  Bill and Rachel decided to retire in Reidsville after a lifetime of moving at the Army’s needs.  They like small town life and getting back to their roots.  



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Thanks for contacting us. A member of our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

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